We have been working with Allegiance Group since 2011 when they helped us set up our QuickBooks and created a budget for us to follow. Since that time, Allegiance Group has been providing ongoing support with our annual budgets, forecasting, transfer pricing analyses, taxes, quick books training, and acting as a part-time CFO. In addition, we receive monthly financial reports that include budget vs. actual, and a thorough analysis of where the company is heading.

What separates Allegiance Group from other accounting/business services firms is their commitment to the company. They take an active role in reporting any issues they see and offer advice on how to manage those issues. In addition, they are one of the few local firms that have the knowledge to conduct international business; understanding the importance of transfer pricing analysis and structuring the company in such a way that we remain compliant while still being successful. With the parent company being Japanese, there are many cultural differences that need to be considered when conducting business. Allegiance Group has worked very well to understand the needs of our parent company while educating them on what is required to operate here in the US.


Stephen Madsen Director